Second interview

So the first interview was interesting? It turns out to be a Christian Academy and so I would end up wearing very thick tights all year around to try and cover the tattoo on my ankle …which wouldn’t be fun…. They also were very much against Chris and I living together and that was one of the parts that we wanted to make sure when we moved around the world together that we would still be living together! Tonight we have an interview with a different company that does want a couple so living together would not be a problem. Should be interesting to see how it goes if it goes well they want us there by the end of June!

Oh and it turns out wondering why we didn’t have our passports back in time we kept telling him they haven’t come yet they haven’t come yet well I guess passports have a turn around of like a week in Korea ?! and so do documents like the U.S. where they can take a month… No wonder he’s been up our butts about it :/


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