Patience is a virtue….

Who ever said “patience is a virtue” was definitely a Saint because over the last few days I have had little patience for ignorant people. It is like what Chris and I are doing has never been done before?! The phone company wants to charge us an arm and a leg and won’t let us freeze our contract for more than 90 days at a time with a max of 6 months within the year… not helpful when leaving for a year. Really not helpful with my brother on the account and not wanting to cut him off. The paperwork out of D.C., which is the last thing we need to come for our work visas, is taking forever! Oh and now I have to duke it out with WellsFargo about transferring the currency between accounts in order to pay loans and bills back here in the states while abroad.

Thank God we have good friends and family who are supporting us through all of this. Without them there would be no one to bring us pizza and chocolate on the rough days. 🙂

Anyone want to pack for us? We are headed to see my family in Jersey for the weekend and I want to bring the extra stuff back but my desire to go bury myself in our room on this beautiful day is non-existent!

3 weeks and counting.


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