Two weeks?!? Where has the time gone…

It is Tuesday and we could be gone in under two weeks! On Friday I express shipped all our paper work to Korea (supposedly FedEx says it has gotten there already). That means as soon as they give us our E2 Visa number from the immigration office Chris and I send our stuff (passport, applications, pictures) to the NYC office to get our visas stamped into our passports. In the mean time I have to start packing!!

Amanda and I went to town throwing clothes all over the apartment last week! That was actually fun packing :). Chris and I took the Christmas stuff and some other random things out of here over the weekend so we are starting to sort through things but there is still so much. I guess the next step is taking things off the walls so if we need to do any patching up we can before they start showing the apartment.

It is going to be a crazy two weeks. It hasn’t hit me (or either of us I think) that this coming weekend in Jersey with my family could possibly be our last weekend in the states for the next year…. okay I am not saying that again because typing that made me like AHHHHH!!!

As always Thank you to our friends and family who are supporting us through this crazy time!


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