Packing Stage 2

Obviously I have been throwing clothes and other items around the apartment for days (because it is much more fun to pack that way) but it is packing stage 2. I call it that because we are actually taking furniture out. The “dining room” table and one of the dressers is now out. Only downfall is where to put all the stuff that was on them! Anyways, the bed and the couch set are going back to Jersey to my dad’s house and our “brother and sister in-law’s” house for their basement. After they are gone its just my dresser, the desk, and possibly a coffee table. Today’s goal is the rest of the toiletries and getting all the stuff that will go back to Jersey with us this weekend into one pile…. yippee. Oh did I mention they could start showing our apartment at anytime so I should probably make sure it doesn’t look like a bomb went off in here!? Anyone want to help?


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