last big packing day

Today was our last “big” packing day. We took out EVERYTHING (yes all the pots and pans) except the bags/stuff we are taking to Korea and what my brother is coming out with the truck for tomorrow night (the bed and the couch set). Thank goodness for our friends and family who will be feeding us for the next few days while we finish everything up. Chris wanted to take the TV today and he said the look on my face was priceless because I love watching Big Bang Theory and listening to CMT…. so of course the TV is still in the living room… on the coffee table that leaves with the couches.

Tomorrow (Friday) we are taking a day of fun!! Going to Hershey park for the day to ride some rollercoasters and eat junk food before we move back to NJ until our flight next week. As of tomorrow night we have to say goodbye to Chris’s family until we call them before take-off (sorry B – don’t cry when you read this!! 🙂 ). It is definitely going to be hard. Then Saturday morning we leave West Reading and head back for my parents house.

My tip to anyone who is packing! – do the little things first cause you have less to trip over…. oh and find a pick-up truck…. not only for the space but its fun to drive :p


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