Saying “good-bye”

On Friday night we had to say “good-bye” to Chris’s family which was really tough but I think we handled it well. We will miss them because we spend a lot of time with them on weekends. As Missy and I always say we see each other more than she sees her brother.

Today we say “good-bye” to my mom and step-dad as they jet off on their big vacation!! They are going to Italy (her bucket list!) so I am so excited for them. We thought we would be leaving before them. We get to spend some time with my dad and step-mom tonight which should be yummy (they’re making dinner!).

Lots of packing left to do – basically have to unpack everything we have and re do it because we switched airlines and they have a lower weight limit on bags as well as a bigger fine if you go over!! Wish us luck… I am not very good at purging.

The best news! Before I forget… we booked our flights for this Thursday AND our visa’s came this morning!!!!! Oh and our awesome teachers in Korea that we are replacing got us out of having to go to a conference first thing Saturday morning after we arrive…. today is a good day 🙂


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