Two feet on the ground

I have never been sooooo happy to have two feet back on solid ground…even if it is currently six floors high. Chris and I have completed something I don’t think I would have ever done and without him by my side I don’t think I would have survived without breaking down. For any of my girls out there reading this – travel. I have a severe anxiety of flying but I have always had a dream of traveling and I didn’t let the plane problem get in my way… don’t let things like that get in your way!

Anyways, our apartment is nice its little but comfortable. So happy to get a good shower last night and really wanted to sleep in but the giant wall of windows decided that was overrated. They re-did the scary wallpaper! There are no longer troll faces on the walls but this neutral bamboo looking pattern.

We met Erika (I think its spelled Erikinha but not sure yet) last night. She got us into the apartment and hooked into the wifi. She also got us on this texting app she says all the Koreans use. We are going to lunch with her and the two teachers we are replacing today, Stephanie and Cody, to learn a little more about what is going on. Hoping to get some ideas on what we will be teaching Monday (yup, have no idea) and a little more about the area. Erika said she would show us where we can shop to get some basic groceries and get ourselves started… I said I need some baking soda for the fridge (weird smell coming from there) and some candles or scent plugs because its so blahhh lol.

Wish us luck on our first day here!

P.S. Could the TV cooperate!? I can’t get the thing on and everything’s in Korean. :/


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