Survived our first weekend

It’s Monday morning our time and we officially survived our first weekend in Korea! Saturday we got to meet the people we are replacing and see the school and yesterday we just stayed in for the day but we got totally unpacked and met our director who brought us new pillows. Reading labels is difficult but we were able to get eggs, milk, pasta, sauce and some bread. There is this place called Paris Baguette which is a really good bakery where you can get fresh loaves of bread and pastries. There ‘CU’ which is a quick shop, the bakery and a grocery store are all in this little shopping center just across the parking lot from our apartment.

Today is our first day at work so we are meeting Erika (that is how you spell it) in front of the bakery a little early so she can help us figure out what exactly we are teaching today…still don’t really know.

Chris is working really hard at trying to learn some Korean words like ‘thank you’ and ‘where is…”. I give him credit it is very frustrating to me. We learned some cultural things like how you do not wear outside shoes indoors but sandals or slippers (I have flip flops and Chris has slip ons for now but def. will want something more supportive. That is our goal for “shopping” this week. We also learned that when handing money to someone you put one hand on your forearm and hand with the other or hand with two hands out of respect…. I feel like a jerk as I spasm trying to remember to do it but I think they find it funny that I am trying! As long as they smile right….Oh and clothing…they can wear like shorts and t shirts in the classroom like its nothing…. Chris and I have basically come to the agreement that we don’t feel appropriate wearing that and will most likely be in khakis or button up shirts at least.

The weather is HOT and HUMID all the time. We are supposedly getting close to the rainy season which mostly means that we need to keep absorbers in all the closets and keep a rain coat.

I learned Saturday that I cannot plug in my blow dryer or my hair straightener because they will basically just melt or catch on fire….greatttttt. Chris was nervous about plugging in our phones and computers but we checked it out and all new appliances type things can be plugged in.

A lot to take in but wish us luck on our first day in the classrooms!!


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