1 week down… 51 more to go


Our morning kindergarten class at the vegetable garden. They all have their own name plates next to different plants and they take trips there every so often to pick vegetables that they use at the school for lunch or can bring home! I got to bring home 2 eggplants but I got an eggplant splinter? I think it was really a thorn…either way it hurt (a lot).


This week was…exhausting. We have spent most of our Saturday sitting around the apartment trying to recoup and ignore all the planning we should be doing. We are learning how to “trick” Netflix, Pandora and Hulu so that we can use them here (they don’t work with international IP addresses).

Our classrooms are cute. They each hold about ten students comfortably but I have a class that has to be in the multi-prupose room because there are too many of us (that was interesting). Some of these kids are so tired and I don’t blame them. From what we have gotten – they go to public school from about 8 a.m. – noon and then have private lessons, sports, and English school in the afternoons. We have students show up in taekwondo uniforms, school uniforms, sports clothes with baseball bats and mits still with them and even some soccer uniforms.

Our first day we had absolutely no clue what we were doing. As the English teachers we basically get every teacher’s students at some point during the week. A lot of conversation classes this week while they went through a schedule change and teachers wanted to give us a few days to get comfortable with the system but it was TEDIOUS. When Erika and Lisa gave me book work I was so excited!

Clothing wise you really can wear anything. I’ve seen short skirts, t-shirts, jeans, short shorts, and such all week. Shoulders and cleavage are a big no-no but other than that there isn’t really a dress code. The shoulders and cleavage is an all over Korea thing (old ladies will give you bad looks!).

During your classes you can really just walk out. I have just left the room to use the bathroom or go find a teacher or fill my water…its totally normal. Oh and for all my girls! – we have boxes in our rooms and as soon as you come in you put your phone in it and then pick it up on your way out….that’s normal. I don’t think the teacher before me did it though so they looked at me like ‘are you for real??’. It was actually pretty funny.

Erika is taking us shopping today to like a “mini-walmart” called Super Lotte…. I just hope I can find some more choices! I can’t find anything here…. I need dry mustard, and yeast bad to make mac and cheese and pan pizza. (Craving comfort food) We got pizza the other night and it had corn in it…. yeah that was weird and strange to bite into. Erika has been making me try all kinds of foods (the buy us treats, baked goods, sushi and all sorts of things to try). Eating American style food is expensive here so I am really trying to broaden my horizons.

Erika has really been an amazing help. She took us to the hospital to get our physicals done (I have never gotten x-rays, blood drawn, teeth exam, eye exam, hearing test and a consultation within literally 30 mins!!!!). They are soooo quick here. Seems to be the whole society – everything is very quick from the busses to the stores and students work rates. Sometimes we have to make them slow down! Anyways, today she is taking us shopping and show us how to get to the better stores and has been helping us translate as much as she can. Very grateful to have someone like her to work with when we feel lost and confused about 90% of the time.


One thought on “1 week down… 51 more to go

  1. Seana says:

    Hey Kids, Love reading your blog..So very proud of both of you!!!! You have jumped in w/ both feet and landed strongly..Miss you Nunie One week down

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