Without a translator!

Feeling very accomplished today. It is only morning and we have to go to work soon but we got a lot done already. Last week we had to get all the tests done at the hospital and today we had to return to pick it up. In order to get the paperwork we had to have 3×4 cm photos to go with it for immigration. Yesterday morning we tried to go to Lotte Mart (btw…awesomeeee!!!! thank God I didn’t bring a lot of money because that store is dangerous) and get them done but it did not open until 10 so it basically was a waste of bus fare but at least we knew where it was. After work we ate pb&j sandwiches and then went back to get our photos again…successfully! I think we were worried because we did not have a translator with us but we got the photos (8 of them …. sucks since we only needed 3). This morning we got on a different bus and went back to the hospital to pick up all of our papers. Again, nervous because we did not have a translator but we did it! Sometimes I feel really bad because they talk to us and I just don’t know how to respond but I think they understand.

We are finding out monsoon season is wet. I know, obvious. It in scheduled to rain everyday… literally everyday. There is always 100% humidity no matter what and when it does rain it seems like the world is ending! It really pours. The people who lived here before us left umbrellas so that is nice. It is a pain when all the students are bringing there’s into class but the school has these bags they put their umbrellas in to keep them from soaking everything. Hearing thunder while teaching is always interesting too…I try not to jump. Chris and I did some research and found out this is really the only time it rains for most of the year. The Fall and Spring are very dry and the Winter is freezing and snowy! I think I am gonna to save up and get an awesome pair of snow boots for each of us and a good winter jacket. Chris brought his peacoat but I couldn’t fit mine… oops.

Will update soon! We just got put in charge of creating a year long curriculum for the pre-debate and debate classes. This should be interesting and we have to present in front of the families so it is key that is goes over well. Oh and kindergarten has an open house tomorrow so we both have to go over and do a lesson in front of parents and teachers alike. Wish us luck!


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