Week 2 with a job to do

It has been a long long week. Our schedules change all the time…like multiple times a day. We have just learned to write anything and everything in pencil because it will most likely change. One common thing is it usually just gets changed between us so at least we can just trade notes on what was going on.

Today is Friday night and I really wanted to go out and maybe go to dinner but 1 we are on a super tight budget and 2 my body hates me and I am sick as a dog. Breathing hurts let alone drinking water/tea and eating. Yes, joyous. Teaching all day with a horrible sore throat was lots and lots of fun. Just hope the antibiotics I started right away (good thing for bringing a spare z-pack) will help me heal quickly.

This weekend we have to go to AKC Mall (I think that’s its name?). Basically take a bus to Pyongtaek and go to this huge mall where there is a book store. Our jobs – pick out a new textbook/workbook for the pre-debate class and write a curriculum around it. Should be interesting and fun to get to wander a little bit. Also have a few other little things we want to do but they will probably depend on how I am feeling…currently exhausted.

Going to see our friend from Albright possibly next weekend and spend the night with his family. It will be interesting to see where he lives and to meet his family. Very excited for more wandering and learning about Korea. We really want to take advantage of our time here and see the country and area…no point in coming this far around the world to see our apartment and school…can do that back in PA.

Trying to feel better! Will write soon.


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