the flu?

It was/is either the flu or just Korean life hating my body. I have basically been sick as a dog since Friday morning and done nothing but sleep, relax, and sleep. We needed to get stuff done this weekend and that didn’t happen. We are making pizzas tonight because that is the only thing that seems semi-appetizing to me and the fact I haven’t been able to really eat is not going to help me get better.

We learned of a mud festival going on next weekend that might be a cool experience and we finally spoke to Andrew. He is in Sydney right now and then will be coming to Korea as their next port. We are going to head down to Busan (where he will be in port) for a good weekend (should be fun – I keep hearing its like Miami from the beaches to the night life).

We will end up in Japan probably this fall and again in the Spring to see Andrew. From what he has said Japan is very different than Korea so I am curious.

I spoke with my cousins and family in Beijing and we will be meeting up with them soon. Either late October here in Seoul or sometimes this winter when we can go to China. I am really excited to get to see them and to see China as well. The great wall of China has always been on my bucket list. They have been there almost a decade so they know a lot about the area.

Just trying to shake this flu/cold because a 10 minute walk down and back (10 total) to the market just exhausted me.


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