Don’t even know what day it is

This week is one of those weeks when I look at the schedule and wonder what day it is lol. I am still sick but getting better finally. I am ready for my birthday this weekend but it will be strange. My mom and Ty send me some birthday cards and a scarf from Italy (it is beautiful!!). That was fun trying to let customs know I was a real person and they should let it through. The woman I dealt with was very understanding and helpful though.

We met another ex-pat (that’s what they call us English teachers from abroad). His name is Dave and his girlfriend Lily. They were super nice and it was really fun because he knew places to go (almost to the end of his year contract) and we found an Irish pud where we sat in a boat and ate these awesome potato wedges loaded with this sauce and other fun stuff!! We will probably meet up with them this weekend for my birthday (I am craving Mexican like no other!!).

Finally starting to break our students of their bad habits. Chris finally threw a kid out of class today… I have already thrown 3 out. Sometimes you just need to show them who’s boss. Little blonde girl doesn’t always get that kind of respect.

Starting to plan our trips around the long weekends and breaks we have coming up!! Hoping to get China, Japan, Busan and we HAVE to see Jeju before we leave….it is a must.

Missing home but still enjoying everything!

P.S. It is cheaper to go out and eat then it is to cook…..huh?!?!


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