Thank you Korea for the bronchitis and sinusitis

S. Korea does meds…interesting. The packets are 7 days worth. One line is after breakfast, the other after lunch, and the last is after dinner. It has been a long 10 days of being wicked sick but I am looking forward to some relief. Took all of 40 minutes to go through the hospital with x-rays, doctor, and walking away with a prescription. Thank you to my Christopher for taking me and going through this process with me after dealing with my pain in the booty sick behavior for the last week.

Today is the speech contest that we have been preparing our students for. I wish them all the best of luck (even the pain in the booty ones that refused to practice!). Going to be an interesting day, as far as we believe we will be sitting in our classrooms all day interviewing students. I am wearing comfortable clothes and hopefully staying in a good mood otherwise I feel bad for the students who cross me … x’s across the board people.


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