Interesting week

So Tuesday morning was the worst in Korea so far. Monday I found out about the meds I needed and got myself started which was good but on Tuesday I hurt my elbow, got the schedule changed and didn’t have a chance to fix it or prepare, and overall had a bad morning. Wednesday made it so much better!

We got a call around 10:15 asking us to be at the older kids school by 11 (half and hour early). When we got there we had a fun morning! The kids videotaped their speaking parts for their “contest” and basically we got to play. I got to dance around with all the girls and spin and then get tackled by all of them! I spent a bunch of time with Lucy and Elbert (my favorites)….yes yes not supposed to pick favorites but they are so freakin’ cute! Lucy lovessss Chris (picture).

Today (Thursday) we didn’t have kindergarten since they were at the museum for a tour and our boss bought us and everyone else lunch as a “welcome” thing. I have realized a big issue….I CAN’T STAND ASIAN FOOD! The smell itself gets makes me nauseated. This is going to be a long year. I basically had to sit there…pretend to eat it…and smile and talk to people.

This Saturday will be 1 month here. It is so weird because it doesn’t feel like it has been that long yet we have gotten into a routine that fits our schedule. Learning to stay up later and sleep in later so we can eat on a semi normal schedule.



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