Suwon Fortress and Palace

Today we took our first traditional Korean adventure. We took a bus, cab and metro (aka subway) out to Suwon to see the Suwon fortress which is basically a mini-Great Wall. It was really fun to see all the traditional architecture. It was hot out….like a sweat standing still hot. Between research and word of mouth we have learned that July and August are the hottest parts of the year (exactly when we arrived, of course) and the winters a brutal cold. Anyways, Chris pointed out how interesting it is that they focus so much on the structures design as well as its decorative aspects. In the States we think of concrete bunkers but when we walked the fortress today we saw so many patterns and colors.

When we first arrived we found a lovely older gentleman who spoke English and told us where we were and what was going on. It was so helpful. We got to see a performance of these traditional fighters. The announcer says in Korean and English exactly what weapon they are showing and why they picked it or how it was used. They were really neat to see since everyone was dressed traditional in front of the palace main entrance and our first traditional Korean sight….pretty awesome.

Tomorrow we think we are going to do a trip to a waterfall where you can take a dip and also a little hike up to see a traditional temple. We loved the idea of sitting on our bums in the air conditioning for this lovely 5 day break but we received a 100,00W bonus each and are determined to spend it seeing parts of Korea. It is so cheap to jump on a bus and a train (4,000W was our full day there and back cost) that you can’t help but want to venture off.Image


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