Sorry it has been so long all devoted readers! It has been a crazy beginning of August. The biggest problem?  I seem to be highly allergic to the water….yes, I said water. We have been to the hospital numerous times – the communication barrier has made it a very frustrating event. Luckily there is a foreign desk at ‘Good Morning Hospital’ which has English translators. The problem is they are only there on the week days and I had a reaction that included my mouth and tongue swelling up Sunday morning so I couldn’t wait any longer. Over the last few days I have gotten 4 steroid shots and a twice a day dosage of steroids and anti-histamines. The biggest frustration (past the whole communication thing) is the fact that no one knows why. They don’t test for allergies here like they do in the States. The only reason we believe it is the water because since I started washing my face and brushing my teeth with bottled water not getting my face wet in the shower (along with the meds) the swelling has gone down. Chris has been a wonderful trooper through all of it! I am not a happy hurt/sick person. Our next goal is to get a water filter for our shower head. They exist according to some other blogs and amazon…we hope it works!

This weekend should be a look up. We saw a Korean play last weekend (Chris will post a story and pictures soon!) but this weekend we are headed to Busan! Our friend Andrew (in the US Navy) will be in port down there so we are going to play for the weekend! It will be our first adventure on the KTX (the crazy fast Korean train) and our first over-night trip in Korea. Will be a lot of fun….as long as I don’t swell back up… fingers crossed!

Will write soon! Hopefully with lots of pictures from Busan!


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