Water Issues and Field Trip

The allergic reporter here for you today!

Not to scare any brave individuals who are excited about the chance to travel (because Chris’s body is perfectly adjusting- actually we are both losing a lot of weight) but my body and Korea do not agree. I’ve written several times about being sick and a strange allergic reaction I was having. Well the conclusion we have come to is it is the water…more specifically hot water. We know water can be highly chlorinated here and harsh on your skin but for some reason I seem to be having an extremely dangerous reaction to it. When I say dangerous I mean a swelling of the eyes, mouth, and throat reaction. Our wonderful co-teachers have helped us out BIG the last few days. I did some looking on GMarket, which is a very popular online store here for everything from fresh groceries to clothing and home goods, and found some shower water filters. Lisa (one of our co-teachers) helped us out by calling the company and helping me figure out what I really needed (basically the strongest thing they have!) and also what it came with. We were then successfully able to figure out which model I needed and replacement filters to get me through the year. Next step was ordering it … no idea how to do that. Another co-teacher, Andy, then came to the rescue by ordering for us and letting us just pass on the money to him. They truly have been helpful and I am so grateful. Hopefully the next entry from me is raving about being able to shower and brush my teeth in a somewhat normal fashion!!! Poor Chris has to help me wash my hair (and it’s getting VERY long living here).

On a less complaining note: we took a field trip! This time with 100 some students from Kindergarten (Kindy as we have been calling them) to our upper elementary students (12 years old-ish). We went to a place called ‘English Village’. It is essentially the entire upper floor of this building where students can go from room to room and experience English culture type scenarios. I was slightly disappointing with the whole experience. The kids had fun going to the different rooms though. My group of 15 hit a costume/theater, restaurant, zoo, gym, firehouse and office type building room. One of my poor students got really scared with one of our presenters. He was highly sarcastic so I got a kick out of it but she did not. We had to take a little walk to calm down but then everything was back to normal. We did meet a young woman close to our age who has been in Korea for two years. She spent 1 in a Hagwon (like us) then  began working at English Village. She is returning to another Hagwon near Seoul in another month but says she does miss the USA and is ready to go home in her near future. She was the only one who really spoke English…. yeah, seems a little ironic being that it is ‘English Village’. Anyways, after we did that we went to this creek/river type thing that ran through the town. All the kids were able to jump in and play around for about 30 minutes. I had the joy of all of their name tags with cell phones tucked into them around my neck (wow they are heavy!) but they had a great time. Afterwards we stopped at a buffet (so sad that they had seafood in all the pasta but a great salad bar!) and then headed home. I believe our Kindy teachers were exhausted by the end of that day!

Today was a cool day with the humidity really down and a great breeze. The sky was clear and it was just beautiful out. Really getting us excited for the Fall! Gonna be strange without football on TV but we think we have it all set up to watch out on our computers :).


P.S. THIS WEEK IS TWO MONTHS! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone!


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