Officially 2 months in Korea!

Yesterday was officially two months since our feet hit ground in Korea. It has been a whirlwind and it is incredible to look back already. The weather is definitely starting to change. We have woken up to a couple of clear mornings and the humidity is almost always below 88% now! Trust us, that’s a miracle. When we leave work at night now there is a gorgeous chill in the air. Tonight we are acting like true Koreans with our apartment door wide open and the balcony doors wide open with this almost cold cross breeze working. Now I know why they do it. I actually decided to do it after video chatting with my dad and expressing my undying frustration that I am having these reactions and don’t know to what. He then “yelled” at me (not really because I would just end the call lol sorry dad!) and said I needed to get “new” air into the apartment. After agreeing with him I opened up as many doors and windows as I could and gave the A/C a break. Normally opening the balcony up doesn’t really help but if we open the apartment door as well it really gets going!

I am starting to miss all my girlfriends. I love when they message me! Sometimes I want to beat the guy up who broke their heart or I am threatening the new guy in their life but either way I do my best to keep all those relationships going. You can only complain about your boyfriend to your boyfriend so many times before he stops listening…. oops. It is important for anyone traveling to keep in touch with home. Even if everyone says it will make you homesick, it will, you feel loved and still connected to everyone who means so much to you. To lose contact for the year and then just show up would make you feel even more alienated adjusting back then you will already be.

My new favorite Korean thing to tell my friends and family back home…. ‘I have no idea what anyone is saying’. Learning some things before we got here (really limited) and learning key phrases and such as helped a lot buttttt I am still lost 99% of the time. Its almost like background music when I hear people talking because I am not comprehending it … just sounds like noise. Yesterday Chris and I got to listen to one of the Kindy teachers read a fairytale in Korean to the kids. The way she used rhythm and tone really changed how the story flowed. I was really impressed and it reminded me how it is when we use it in English (since that was the topic of my lesson today).

How to teach rhythm? Print out Dr. Suess’s ‘The Cat and the Hat’ and make them read it out loud…. it was quite comical. They had fun with it too and it was a lot more fun than dictation or textbook reading on a Friday night.

Relaxing weekend of not touching anything then back to the Dr.’s on Monday morning to get pricked and pinned until they find out what I am allergic to. Our water filter just came today though!! I wish I could just heal the bruises from all the needles I have before they would keep giving me more! … I really hate needles.

Over and Out



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