A quick entry

It is getting late at night and I am going to get ready for bed soon but just some updates:

We went to Suwon for all my allergy tests yesterday. 1…Asthma tests suck. 2. prick tests suck. It was just the feeling of cold things being rubbed on my back then all of a sudden 80 little pricks with a tiny needle up and down my back!!! I was already tired so this was not fun… the burning from the reaction really was not fun. Turns out I have lots of allergies… mostly trees, grass, weeds. Also dust mites…which no offense to the apartments last occupants but they didn’t clean well from what we can tell. That’s a fun one to try and combat. UGH. The last one which is totally random is peaches. IRONICALLY Chris was eating peaches the night before and I was like hmm I don’t know if I have ever had one, can I try a bite? Thank goodness it was a small bite…but my lips turned bright red within a few minutes and I had no idea why. Well, that was why. Oops? I finally could shower normally for the first time today! Yes, I got to wash my face!! This has been a really tough month or so and Chris has been so patient (basically washing my hair for me daily). I am so excited to start getting back to normal. I am supposed to shower twice a day which is scary being that I dreaded it every morning and my face is a little itchy tonight but Dr.’s orders.

The weather has basically taken a 90 degree turn…away from 90 degrees!!! I would say 180 but it’s not that cold yet. The days are cool with a great breeze all the time. We don’t have to use the A/C and we can open the windows and the front door to get an amazing cross breeze while we are home. It is jeans and t-shirt weather with the humidity dropping daily (Chris even broke into his long-sleeve dress shirts – sleeves rolled, of course). We got some wicked storms last week that just dumped rain and then all of sudden this! I guess that’s what the rainy season does? No matter what…it’s awesome! Especially for me since most of my health problems were coming from sweating so much and the humidity.

Kindy has been a real struggle for us lately…we are both Secondary Ed./ History Majors…. not early childhood…let alone in a different language. We love our morning Kindy classes, even when they are driving us nuts. Afternoon Kindy is tough. I have a Monday Science class, Wednesday singing or art and Chris has Friday Phonics. I have to plan for singing but its usually similar to my Thursday 3 hours in the afternoon spent in Kindy for activity based learning…yay. Today I planned all of September and I am so proud of myself! I drove myself nuts last week trying to plan. I have a 2 girls in my first class who fight over crayons and have to do everything exactly the way I do…even if that means stealing the crayon out of my hand to have the same color. My second class is 13 insane boys, most of which come straight from taekwondo (still in their outfits) or are going there next. Yes…they’re joyous. My last class is the most beginner of beginners (they can’t say their English names….or hello…or much else). I have finally come to the 3 small activities in one class realization … thank you other peoples blogs! So this month we are doing – week 1 seasons, week 2 autumn, week 3 scarecrows. Yup – flashcards with 6 vocab for each, a coloring page/cut out page/game, a song/dance. Hopefully this makes my Thursdays a little less daunting.

Okay- over and out.


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