Haircuts and language barriers

Jenni here! I came to the sad conclusion about 3 weeks ago that if I didn’t get my hair cut soon I was going to pull out Chris’s buzzer and take care of it myself…not very flattering for my facial structure. When you read other posts and reviews about people getting hair cuts here in S. Korea you get about 90% horror stories, 5% unmanageable prices and 5% mixed reviews. Coming from someone with long, wavy/curly (depending on the day), dry, sometimes frizzy blonde hair I was basically petrified at the idea of having to make a “guess” for the least likely to butcher my hair salon to go to.

After lots of reviews I finally decided on Hair and Joy Salon – – they speak English, fairly easy to get to and reasonably priced. I called and at first hung up because I heard a recording that sounded just like the Korean voice that comes up when you dial a wrong number until I decided to be patient for a moment and someone answered in Korean. I did my usual ‘English?’ and to my surprise they said “yes, how can I help you?”…. relief. I explained what I wanted and made an appointment for the weekend (they are open Saturday and Sunday). Chris and i live in Pyeongtaek area so I took an express bus up to Seoul and then grabbed the metro out to Hongik University. It was pretty easy from there maybe a 1 minute walk. The place was really clean and they were very attentive. My friend had her hair blown out and curled (for a special occasion – her boyfriend was proposing to her that night so I wanted to make sure she was all primped and pampered! Of course, she didn’t know why I forced her to get her hair done too.) In the end it was 45,000W for my hair cut (wash, cut and style) and then 10,000W for my friend (my treat). Tip is included in everything here in Korea so what I paid was a flat cost.

I did a pretty major cut and I am really happy with the turn out. I miss my long hair but they did a really good job. It is quite strange having two people with blow dryers attack your head at once and same with the straightener or curler in my friends situation. I will probably return in a few months for another trim. It is really scary to do the most simple things like get your hair cut because Western hair type is soooo different then Asian or at least Korean. Just another thing to overcome. (Don’t mind the border on my picture – I did it in one of those apps for Instagram)



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