Flying with no checked bags!

J here!!
One of the fun parts about traveling while overseas is you can hop a plane to Japan for the weekend with nothing but a backpack and a purse. Its really funny after you came to Korea with 2 probably 50lb bags each! We chose Asiana Airlines this time (last time Korean Air) and we were really happy with our flight in. The flight back was a nerve racking mess! We basically sat in this much smaller plane then we were originally supposed to have for 2 1/2 hours of straight turbulence. At one point our plane knocked so hard it fell a few feet in the air and we were all bounced out of our seats… I couldn’t get a beer in my fast enough to relax! Don’t let me fool you that it was short traveling time … it was almost 3 hours from our place to Incheon (early flight = bad idea because of the limited transportation) and then the flight and then 3 hours once we were in Japan to get to our friend Andrew. Took almost 12 hours each way. We had a lot of fun in Japan and just hanging out. We really only saw one historical site and this big beach but we are planning to go back in the Spring and see all the famous gardens!! A life goal of mine!

While we were at the historical site we saw this!:


A traditional Japanese Wedding ceremony in this middle of this (very crowded) historical site! It really interesting to see. I don’t think I would every want my wedding to be this public but at the same time it was a really cool thing to see. There were all different people around the building. Just a cool thing to see.

We also toured around and Chris met this man:
He was determined to introduce Chris to this “power stone”. Basically he walked up to us and said “where you from?” .. we were in shock because rarely people actually approach us speaking English. Long story short he asked us if we wanted to see a power stone… a big stone surrounded by a big gate behind this building. Well he showed Chris to stand in front of it and the power would push him backwards. Basically Chris was like ‘ok’ and tried … in the end the power wasn’t strong enough to push my hunny but the older man said he could “feel the power in Chris”… successful I guess?

Of course we had to try one of these:

It was essentially the first thing we did when we got to Japan (sleep deprived and hungry). We had so much fun pressing things eventually we had to stop until our food came because the computer wouldn’t let us! It was really really cheap to do this! I definitely suggest it to anyone just because it was fun. You order as much as you want, stack the plates, and then eventually hit ‘check’ and someone comes over to count the plates and hands you your check. Pretty simple. For my vegetarian friends (and my family who knows my picky eating issues) they had McDonalds like french fries that were awesome and some salad choices.

Japan was a fun trip but I think we will make it a longer one next time we go. A weekend was too tight. Overall the buildings were just as beautiful as Korea with a different color pallet and a little more angled versus rounded. We enjoyed our time there.

We miss seeing Andrew (it had been since before Christmas) and his butt is enlisted with the Navy for a little more than 3 years still so it was good to see him. Oh!! Our hotel had College Football channels!!!!!???? We miss Football!


One thought on “Flying with no checked bags!

  1. Hey, Chris & Jenni! It’s John, your old advisor from International TEFL Academy. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and that I’m glad you guys are abroad and best of luck – keep us posted!

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