building confidence through Traveling

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Traveling means lots of new experiences. Plenty of them are humiliating and nerve-racking (trust me! you will make mistakes). Some of them are depressing, painful or get that “home-sick” feeling really churning in your body. Most of them are truly exciting, empowering and confidence building. Chris just said the other day how he feels so much more confident in his ability to travel that he won’t be so hesitant and over-think every little day trip or excursion we will take back stateside. Both of us have been day dreaming about the freedom that comes along with our cars we have come to love since 17 years old (well, his car – I sold mine). Public transportation is a very new thing for people who grew up in small towns and cornfields. 
Our first time traveling by ourselves in S. Korea was our day trip to Suwon to see the fortress. We sat there shaking in the train station waiting for the metro to pull up because we were convinced we were on the wrong track after going in and out of the gates three times before some old men laughed at us and then helped us (subway apps are your best friend!). We took the metro up, found a cab and got ourselves to sort-of the right place (still had to hike up the mountain). Overall…it felt GREAT!! We spent the day wandering around and taking pictures. It was a new feeling for us! I was always an adventurer – absolutely no problem getting in my car for a day trip, over night, or extended vacation but Chris has been more of a planning type. Oh boy do I miss driving! Anyways, we did it! It is an amazing feeling to know you can find your way around a foreign country. We did get on the wrong train coming home… our sign should have been that everyone got off the train at a stop that turned out to be the transfer we needed …oops! You have those moments and that’s okay. Traveling around S. Korea and other countries is a confidence building moment in life.
That was one of the best feelings we have experienced so far. I have posted about being sick while here and dealing with medical issues almost daily but when it comes down to it – I have never felt stronger. We have this strength that you cannot break and this confidence in each other that getting lost is okay because when it comes down to it … we will find our way back. 🙂

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One thought on “building confidence through Traveling

  1. deanbarnes86 says:

    There have been so many moments that have tested my confidence whilst travelling, and you are right, you become a stronger person for it. Even small things like eating alone in a restaurant without feeling like everybody is looking at the guy on his own. Done it. Checked it off. Stronger!

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