Watching politics from far away and randomness

As anyone who has read our Bio already or just knows Chris and I  knows that we are Secondary Education and SOCIAL STUDIES majors. What does that mean? We are certified to teach things like; Ancient Civilizations, European, Medieval, American History, Sociology, Psychology and oh yeah… Economics and Politics. I am not a political person (not vocally at least) and you will find NO opinions in this blog. I am under the strict belief that they are my opinions and I should never force my own beliefs on anyone else and don’t you dare do it to me (I’ll bring the heat! haha just wanted to say that :)). The best thing I can do is educate myself and use as many different sources as possible to get a well rounded view and interpret the facts in an unbiased fashion. In fact I find playing “devils advocate” to be one of the most interesting and fun parts of my profession.

Blah blah anyways…. one part of this U.S. shutdown I find extremely fascinating is their visa and passport department. If you knew Chris and I in June you know we were sweating bullets waiting for our passports and our visas to come back on time (since we already signed our contracts to move here!). Our visas came Tuesday morning and we flew out Thursday afternoon. Yeah. Not one of my better planned moments in life! Either way – they did come. For other people out there who are trying to move themselves around the world to experience teaching in another country – good luck? I think the curiosity is for all those people who have contracts that are ending very soon and are bitter-sweet awaiting their replacements from the states…. are they going to be here in time? If the passports and visas are not being processed at a rate of estimated 20,000-30,000 a day (BBC/CNN) how will that effect the other people teaching around the world. Hmm just my interesting thought for the day.

On a TOTALLY different note – Other things going on

Chris, Erika and I are working with 16 of our students for the city wide speech contest at the end of the month! I am very proud to see some of the speeches our students wrote themselves. It will be a tough schedule – we have to give up our breaks (anything  4:40pm and later) for the next three weeks so we will each have a few no break days. Ahhh!! Bring on the Oreos lol.

Tomorrow morning we are headed with Kindy on a field trip!!! Expect pictures 🙂 We were told it is a Korean Folk Festival (interesting was translating folk – they kept saying ‘fork’ because the ‘r’ and ‘l’ sound are kind of a weird translation from Korean to English) and its pretty close by (the folk festival not the ‘r’ ‘l’ sound. (Side not on that – I have a class with a Lion and a Rion in it (just out of Phonics)…. doesn’t matter how clear I say it they still look at each other like who is she talking to haha) Back on topic: after reading so many speeches about things to do in Anseong I am interested to see some more! I promise I will take lots of pictures – supposedly we will be in plenty for the school since they want some pictures of us interacting with the kids…oh boy!

Chris and I are going to check out this International Fireworks Competition this Saturday up near Seoul. Its like hours long and different countries will be setting off these magnificent shows of pyrotechnics (because we all have a little pyro in us!). Should be a great time. There is supposedly a nice park up near there so we might spend the day strolling around. We are headed back up that way next weekend for the Brazil vs. South Korean soccer match!! Should be exciting!

Alright I have sort of said jokes, gotten political and updated you on our next few days! That’s it for me. Over and Out.



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