Anseong Folk Festival

On Friday morning we got the chance to help chaperone the Kindy field trip to the Anseong Folk Festival. The weather has been chilly yet Chris got a lovely purpley-red sun burn. It was fun. They had all different little vendors – we got some cool things from the Indian vendor and I actually heard Spanish speakers at the Latin American tent!


This was our Kindy class going into the festival with their little matching outfits and these big paper visor hats that they give out. I swear – Koreans LOVE visors.


There were all these interesting traditional games and interactive things for the kids and adults to do. These big disks were a lot of fun. One of the men running the booth area was showing Chris how to do different things with it. I have a video of it but I am not that tech-savy yet.


They also had traditional performers and music. We didn’t get to see the tightrope walker but these were really cool. I also have a video but … yeah.


I just had to post this. Chris with his little girlfriends (Sally and Lucy) and of course they are sisters. They LOVE Chris teacher – when we are walking they each take a hand. It is just too cute! Going to adopt a little Korean baby one day! (Don’t worry Ty, not yet)

Chris and I decided not to go to the Fireworks Competition after-all which was probably a good idea since friends of ours who did ended up turning back and coming home. It was almost a million people – no thanks! I have seen enough fireworks sitting on the hood of my car or sitting on the beach.

We found this authentic Mexican place in Daejon so on Wednesday when we have the day off we are going to wander out there for a late lunch. Very excited!

Next weekend is still an all go for the soccer game! We will make sure to post photos – It is supposed to be a biggggg deal.

Oh health update: I have been swollen for days. Turns out the anti-biotic I was on for a skin infection was negating the effect of my allergy medicine so I was getting worse – again…. I think Korean is trying to kill me.


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