oops! I guess I forgot to update!

Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have updated!! Okay let’s see what I can fill in…

Last post I talked about going to Daejon to find this authentic Mexican place … of course we went and of course they were temporarily closed for a week and a half!!?? Yeah, my luck. We found another one close by though that was delicious 🙂 Thank you to Dave and his phone search! I also just read about an awesome one up near Itaewon so I am hoping we can go check that out on a little adventure.

Itaewon had a global festival going on the same day as the soccer match… OMG FOOD!!! They had all these different vendors and food tent it was just the smell of heaven. They had a couple American stands set up and there was one that was “pizza”…. I don’t think I have tasted something so warm, delicious and home-like since we got here. It was tangy and salty and greasy and melty and just pure heaven. You know they do it right when they have Parmesan and crushed red pepper flakes shakers right next to the napkins… go America! It was absolutely packed at some points you could not move! It was a lot of fun. They had some live concerts and some music that literally made your chest and heart like pump. It was crazy. They had things from all over the world though so it was a great experience. We saw so many foreigners it was kind of crazy! After being here for awhile you really aren’t used to other people speaking fluent English around you so when it happens it just brings a little smile to your face.


So funny story on how I got this picture. When we arrived in Itaewon there was the opening ceremony and parade going on. Chris and I were just kind of looking over the shoulders …well this older woman didn’t think that was okay. She literally grabbed me and threw me into the crowd! At first I was like what is going on!?!? then I realized she just kept smiling at me…she wanted me to be able to see! I was so happy! Well then another person in front of us moved and she grabbed me by the waste and like shoved me down into this little pocket of space next to a mom and this little girl. Well that’s where the picture comes into place because the parade people came up to a lot of the little kids. It was so cute! My knees were killing me from leaning on the road but it was still really neat :).



I love sheep and this one looked like a sheep to me so it just made me happy :).


There were all these stands so for 2,000krw I got my face painted! Funny thing was the sign said ‘pace paint’ … common mix up in the Korean to English translation is the letter ‘p’ and ‘f’.



Chris and I had a great time hanging out 🙂


Oh yeah I mentioned the insane music! These are just a partial view of the stage because it was so crowded… I tend to feel lost when I get separated from Chris.



After the Global Festival 2013 we jumped on the subway and headed over to World Cup Stadium for the Brazil vs. Rep. of Korea soccer match. It was sold out… no joke. The place was packed all the way up to the top levels. I was so angry trying to find out seats … it took 3 tries of up and down the stands and stair wells and lots of asking people but finally an older gentlemen helped. They don’t have people at the entrances to guide you towards your seats like we do in the states.

Hilarious – people would watch the game on the big screen, obviously live looking at the field AND on their cell phones. Phones here have little antennas on them!! I have seen people watching TV on the bus and what such but the soccer game while at the soccer game!? We had to try so Dave pulled out his Korean phone and we did it :). I am just going to post a few of pictures instead of commenting on all of them.


What else is going on with us? We have about a dozen students from our school participating in the Anseong city wide Speech Contest this coming Friday. Which means we are spending all of our break/prep periods and staying late everyday to get them ready! I am so excited for them. Erika and I get to be the chaperones for the day and take them :). If any of them move to the next level we will have more practices next week. It will def. be a long week. We have had multiple weeks of have one day or another off so they’ve been short! This past week was our first full week and man did it feel LONGGGGG. We don’t have anymore extra days off (other than the weekends) until Christmas now!? AHHHHHH haha. Our school is fully decked out for Halloween though and we are having a Halloween party! I am going to be a Hawaii Island sort of Princess and Chris is going to be a Football player because his new jersey just came! He looks spiffy ;). I will make sure to post plentyyy of pictures from that day :).

Other than that… my health has been holding out **knock on anything!**. I have had minor reactions all the time but I have mentally accepted that it is probably going to be like for about the next 8/9 months?? I think I can handle it – just a little self-conscious of it but I think I have come to the point where a little irritation versus my throat swelling is just the give and take of traveling.

Chris and I are still toying with the idea of not stopping with just Korea and if state-side jobs don’t work out with us when our contract is over then we might just see what other parts of the world have to offer us :).

Side note – tonight we are meeting Dave’s replacement because his one-year contract is up and he is heading home! Gonna miss him – makes us be adventurous. So Korean BBQ for dinner – aka I will cook and they can eat haha (oh vegetarians!).

For our family and friends reading this – we miss you!!! About a 1/4 of the way through now and still rocking it 🙂


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