Hello World :)

Chris has been put in charge of our November blog carnival update so you will be hearing from him soon but I figured I would update in the mean time!

This past week has been … exhausting. No better word to describe it. About a dozen of our students are participating in the city-wide speech contest. It was Friday but that was just the first round. Basically Erika, Chris and I spent every night at work until about 9-9:30 practicing with the kids. It was a long day. Especially on Wednesday? I think it was that day … anyways we went to square everything away with our health insurance..AHHHH. Okay advice to anyone: DO NOT LEAVE THE COUNTRY BEFORE YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE IS CLEARED!!!! Chris and I went to Japan and anyways while we were standing their our boss (who has trouble translating sometimes) was like … ‘you went back to the USA?’ … Chris and I basically gave each other that WE WISH look. Well turns out our Japan trip stopped our insurance process and made it restart. YUP. So they weren’t going to give it to us until CHRISTMAS but our boss made them start it the day after we got back from Japan. WELL this is wonderful and all since I have another allergist appointment tomorrow BUT nothing before Sept. 22nd will be refunded….. AKA the couple of grand we dropped on my allergy tests, ER visits, medications, etc. will not be refunded BUT if we did not go to Japan it would have been 100%. I was fuming so it made that day quite long. Live and learn?

This week any students who move onto the next level of the contest and our two middle school students will be practicing. No more in class – official agreement between Chris and I because we need to prep for presentation. A couple more late nights but they are only taking 20 of the 75 students who participated so if they move on we will be very proud! Happy to help them 🙂

HALLOWEEN IS THURSDAY!!! It is in caps because I am sooooo excited. I am going to be a princess/Cinderella. All the teacher dress up and the students and instead of classes we have a massive Halloween party… basically the best thing ever. School has been decorated for weeks so my anticipation is high! It is safe to say I will have lots of pictures from that day!

Chris and I have been taking it easy lately. Thor 2 comes out next weekend so we are going to a movie for the first time in about 5 months. We also might go hiking. Both of us are kind of fighting a cold so this weekend has been a take it easy and catch up on some things on the computer – AKA blogging. I slept until almost lunchtime which I never do so I know my body is begging me to keep my booty on this couch and take it easy.

We are both digging on the Netflix lately and I have been obsessed with ’19 Kids and Counting’. Chris laughs because he says I am always smiling while I am watching it but I can’t help it – they are so positive and happy. Hopefully some of it is rubbing off on me!

Oh! We also started a blog with students in the USA thanks to a teacher friend 😉 of mine. The kids are loving it and having a lot of fun with it!

Okay folks that’s it!



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