Things we miss from home …

We have been thinking and daydreaming about things we are excited about when we come home and things we miss… here are just a few:

1. Driving (true independence)

2. Singing in the car (and pretending no one can hear you)

3. REAL Mexican food (that’s cheap!)

4. AMERICAN FDA APPROVED MEDICATIONS! (Probably should have been number 1)

5. American Football – GO RAVENS!

6. Supermarkets with non-instant coffee

7. OJ that is not $6 for a half-gallon

8. CHEESE! (Provolone, Mozz, etc. for under $10)

9. Electric/Gas/etc. bills where you can understand why your being overcharged!

10. Chicken Parm and mom’s home cooking 🙂

11. Where its cheaper to buy groceries then go out to dinner every night

12. The smell of fresh air/or home smells – low tide or cows  and corn fields

13. Most of all – our family and friends. SO grateful for the internet and Facetime and other ways for us to keep in touch.

4 MONTHS IN! 1/3 of the way through!!! ….. did I mention we are both fighting colds right now? Yup. HAPPY NOVEMBER!



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