Kindy fun

Not a huge post on Kindy today but a few fun things going on. We do this thing called Gabe .. basically we play with different style blocks and pieces and the kids work on math-reasoning and such. I get to do it with my munchkins which is always fun. 🙂 I made a Mickey Mouse because Amanda and I were just talking about our trip to Disney next Fall!!!







We also had a Kindy “Sports Day” which meant all the kids and their parents came in and the gym teacher and we did all these different games and such. It was really cute and fun to see the parents. You can really tell when they look JUST like them. Chris and I also got to “cook” … basically give instructions in English. Well I had NO clue what I was supposed to be making so that failed. Luckily the parents just did it. Chris’s group (he had two parents with some or a lot of English … lucky) made gimbap which the rice wasn’t finished so that was interesting too. I probably looked like an idiot but tried. Everyone always wants me to eat afterwards .. I really need to learn how to say ‘I am a vegetarian’ in Korean. Its really rude to say no but I kind of have to. Also, sweet potatoes are like purple/green here??? Really strange looking … not the bright orange we are used to.



On Friday I was teaching and all of a sudden the Korean teachers came in carrying these giant containers. Well next thing I knew the kids scream ‘Kimchi’ and ran into the room and started putting on aprons and gloves to cook. SOOO we made Kimchi 🙂 I was basically covered in it by the end of it … not a good day to wear black. It smelled funny and what not but it was still fun.




We also took a field trip to Lotte Mart. It was supposed to be to the garden but we got some rain so instead we went to Lotte Mart (kind of like Walmart) and shopped for some crafts and drawing notebooks. I saw a Toys R Us thing (yup I do NOT miss working there), some Winnie the Pooh coloring books and these stuffed animal things they have. They are these yellow and red larva looking things. You see them on advertisements and in bus short cartoons, etc… basically all over the place. We also ate at this giant buffet thing. Food was okay but nothing amazing.

ImageImage ImageImageImage Yup.. Larva



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