Posting in lots of seperates. Just life first ….

Living and teaching in Korea is definitely switching our personal time table schedules. Not only do we have the 14 hour time difference to back home and trying to talk to parents when we can and what not we also work a strange schedule. We work at Kindy from around 11:30 to 2 and then 2-8 at the main school. We love working with all the kids but it means out personal schedule has sort of shifted. We eat breakfast late (9:30 ish) lunch (if we even eat it is between classes or on a prep in the afternoon) and then dinner (like 8:30/9 ish). Since we eat so late we usually stay up until midnight or 1 a.m.. Makes things quite interesting.

Miss our friends and family. This past week we received an AMAZING care package of lots of snacks and goodies from the Malone Family (THANK YOU!) including more Gold Fish snacks for me and pretzels … have I mentioned they don’t believe in real pretzels here! Yeah. I am one sad person lol. Food is very sweet here and I am a salty person who is not a big potato chip person or Ramen.


We are going to Thailand for our 3 year anniversary this winter and we just paid it off! That is always a wonderful feeling before going on a vacation :). I have never been to an island before and I have never seen crystal clear water before so I am really excited! We are actually going snorkeling too and might see elephants….  yup life is good.


We have new neighbors upstairs … we thing they are tango dancers because they are loud…. not as loud as our older neighbor but still its different. Anyways – because its so tight around here and buildings are straight up and down they have these lift elevator things. They are completely fascinating. If you pay an extra 200$ (rounding) the companies will come in and pack for you, move your stuff and unpack it for you. I wish. You see these things all the time. Although it is kind of weird to walk underneath them. I have a video somewhere and one stretched up to the top floor but this is the one that we saw outside our window the other day. It was strange… I was awake like ‘wow, someone must be moving close by’ because I could hear it … yup then I opened the curtains.


Got a few more updates coming … gonna break it down into a few posts. 1. Life … next Kindy


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