Seoul Lantern Festival 2013

Last night we went to the Seoul Lantern Festival. It was really pretty and nice to see. It was cool because they were HUGE and they were all on these stands in the man-made stream in Seoul. It is a really pretty area and nice to walk along. At first it was insane and people were pushing and being obnoxious I kept saying to Chris don’t lose me in the crowd!! Once we walked for a few minutes it became a lot less crowded and we heard lots of people yelling at each other. It was really fun experience. We tried to get some pictures together but because of how dark it was out and how bright the lanterns were it was almost impossible.

Another picture post? Yup.

Afterwards we went to Vatos Urban Tacos – its a Mexican food place up in Itaewon and got these things called Texas Tea .. basically a LIT but in a mason jar. Yup it was fun 🙂 Oh and they had Kimchi loaded French Fries

Korea 11.2013 265


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