A different start to the Holiday season

Hello computer world

The biggest personal or mental adjustment for us and probably most people abroad is the holiday season. This past week has been the beginning of that change. We celebrated Thanksgiving by working with the kids all day and then coming home to make some mashed potatoes, broccoli, and chicken. I was blessed with the stomach bug this past week and have almost no appetite so the mashed potatoes were about all I ate (plus my pain in the booty vegetarian picky-ness). We watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” instead of the parade (guess what we will watch on Christmas lol) and we used Facetime to catch up on our families back home. That was hard…. to see everyone having fun and eating food … soo much food… I could practically smell it through the phone and started drooling. Hopefully by Christmas Dad will have figured out the SmartTV and have our faces up on the TV to watch my little sisters open their gifts and celebrate. To be honest? It kind of sucks to watch it all happen and not be there but we know this is a temporary position and we should celebrate and make the best of it anyways. THe schools have Christmas trees up and decorations so that makes it a little better. Oh! Chris and I are in charge of having all the kids color to decorate all of the classrooms for the month…yup best conversation class filler EVER. Fun fact: Korea is a couples holiday NOT a family holiday. Yes, families celebrate and kids receive gifts but it is all about your sweet hunny pie…. couldn’t resist. I will be updating later in the month about this – I am very fascinated by it all.

Thanksgiving was officially 5 months in Korea…. WOW. Where did the time go? Just after Christmas will be 6 months. It is strange that holidays happen to be our halfway point but it is also a good celebration of all we have overcome and the strength we have developed. I found a little fake Christmas tree in our closet and some lights and ornaments so I decorated while listening to music :). There were gold and pink .. I went with the gold only oh and these christmas lights that will give your a seizure. I saw lights like this at school but thought maybe it was just for the kids to be fun … nope. All that I have seen so far is how bright, flashing and multi-colored it can possibly be. Chris and I are white lights and simple ornaments kind of people so its quite interesting … if you could have only seen his face! I may have also bought myself a few ‘you did it’ black Friday gifts?? Oops 🙂 They will be waiting for me when we return stateside… yeah, why not lol.

Good news is we found out we are getting a Winter Break from New Years Day (wed.) through Sunday which means: JAPAN! Most likely. We are looking into the logistics but our friend got a house so when we cut the hotel costs if really becomes more affordable. This time we will have 3 full days on the ground to explore when last time we only had 1. It will be really cool to get to see more than the local area.

We are thinking about China near the end of our contract unless another surprise vacation pops up before that (Spring break anyone??). My mom and Ty are coming in the Spring to visit so that break is out (for a good reason!). We have done Japan once, next is Japan again? and then Thailand at the end of January and then China… trying to fit Jeju somewhere in there too. Trying to take advantage of our location to do some traveling. I have a crazy determination to fill in a bunch of spots on my passport I purposely had re-done before we came :). Japan is fun to do again because we know once we leave this part of the world it won’t be so easy to visit and we will not be able to see our Navy buddies until they return stateside on leave or for good.

Our boss took us all to lunch again the other day – another experience of sitting on the floor. She is really nice about my inability to eat most things and always makes sure there is salads, vegetables and greens… they like to drown everything in dressing and sauces but I guess it is still a vegetable under there somewhere?? Anyways, sitting on the floor is really not comfortable haha. People sit in the weirdest positions the whole time and I can’t sit in one for more than 10 minutes – and that is pushing it (Chris is the same). I ate some rice and this sauce wrapped in cabbage? No idea but it wasn’t that good. Oh and you take your rice out of the black cooking pot thing and pour water in, let it sit and then its like soup? … Really gross soup (our Korean co-teacher doesn’t like it either). I am sorry to all the Koreans out there but I have yet to acquire a taste for your potent sauces and warm/cold strange texture mixes. I am getting much more brave when it comes to trying new food but I still worry because we never truly found out what I was allergic to. Still have to keep my meds on me at all times (but I am a few weeks+ with no major anythings!!!!).

Okay I need to go back to being productive (laundry, vacuum, dishes, etc.) or it will never get done. Miss everyone out there in computer land and happy to share our experiences with all those reading along. As my Aunt described: I can hear your voice in your writing – it is very you!



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