It has been some time since our last post. Thanksgiving has come and gone. We decided to make our own little Thanksgiving. We made homemade mashed potatoes, I made some chicken fingers and broccoli, and we watched “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” It was a little strange since this was the first holiday “away from the nest.” I have decided that the holiday season is going to be much different here than at home, but I am not completely sure that that is a bad thing. Our holiday season here in Korea is most likely going to be the most unique holiday season that either of us ever experience. Sure, we are going to partake in some of the traditional festivities, but we’re also going to embrace our time here, and enjoy our experience. We definitely miss the comforts of home a bit more during this time, but I also think this experience is helping us to gain valuable perspective on how special time spent with family and friends really is. Aside from my emotional soliloquy, we have not really been up to anything special. We did venture to Itaewon this weekend and purchased some gifts for our family back home, but other than that, it’s pretty much all work right now. Until next time…cheers! ~Chris~


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