A quiet weekend … finally!

This week was kind of long. Chris is fighting a little head cold which just makes it even better but alkaseltzer (thanks mom!) seems to be helping – love this nasty tasting stuff. Our kids in our pre-debate class gave their presentations last night so we were at work from like 11 a.m. until about 10:30 p.m. last night … yup long day. They did so well though, I am so proud of them!!! Much better than last time when I was like WTF MATES!?!? Seeing improvement is always a good feeling.

Chris just bought us all 7 of the Harry Potter books on our nooks (yes I have an obsession) so we are almost “racing” each other through them. Of course, I have read all of them about 5 times already so he likes asking me questions and trivia quizzing me. It has been awhile since I read the first few though so it’s fun to go back and look.

Lately I am having a minor obsessions with some K-pop music. Uht-o … get back stateside and you’ll hear it blasting from my car. Chris and I often refer to Korea as being about a decade behind the United States in some ways culturally and I feel as thought their music is a mix of the cute 90’s music videos and “technicy” (not a real word but my best way to describe my thoughts on it) new styles of music.  “Everybody” by SHINee is “Bar Bar Bar” by Crayon Pop are some of my favorites. It’s so cute when Crayon Pop comes on all the kids start jumping around haha the chorus is “jumping yeah jumping everybodyyy”…like a bunch of little rabbits jumping around.

This week we ordered Christmas cards. I originally really wanted a cute couple photo of us in front of some historical place with snow etc. butttt the snow decided to hold on until the last day or so and we were at work. Instead we thought it would be really fun to go with one of the collage formats. We got the chance to include some of the friends we have made and a few things we have seen. It was a lot of fun. I wanted to do the whole last year – adventures with Ron and Amanda to Rehobeth (idk how to spell it), the 5k, vineyards, spending some time back in Jersey before we left, our going away party, etc. but there wasn’t enough room!!!! We are going to Disney world next year with Ron and Amanda though so I might have to be cliche and go with a Castle picture :).

We also sent some presents home for a few people. Ron and Amanda have sent us everything from a mini Christmas tree and 12 days worth of presents to our family sending us clothes and food! We sent a package back for my little sisters, brother, Mom and Ty, Dad and Kim and of course Chris’s family :). We also sent one to Ron, Amanda and Andrew but Miss Amanda turns 25 soon so I am driving Chris nuts trying to find her the perfect present … it’s kind of fun :p. I told him I wanted to go shopping again today and he said I am on my own since he is feeling under the weather. I must say our warm and cozy apartment with my book and some hot chocolate sound much better than heading out into the icy 20 degree weather.

We are in general doing well. We like to think about how we are going to get all our new stuff home but I reminded him we will be purging so much worn out white t-shirts, make -up, bathroom supplies etc. that we won’t have all that stuff to drag home. I told him I would just buy another case to bring stuff home in and he was like NOOOOO WAYYYY haha I don’t think he wants to carry it :p.

We probably aren’t going to Japan now again until the Spring but we might still take an adventure 🙂 working on it. Trying to check some of those bucket list things off the Asian list before we return and I won’t have any desire to be back on a plane for 14 hours again!!!! I will go nuts. I am already having anxiety about the flight back but in my mind the idea of being home again should shadow the anxiousness. Thailand in like a month and half … Chris likes to remind me everyday that we will be sitting on a beach soon enough!!!!!

Okay I have rambled for awhile. Hope everyone is having a fun December so far. Chris and I are preparing for the big school Christmas Party!!!

❤ J


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