Christmas! Ho Ho Ho

Hello all!

Santa found us in Christmas and the mail person must think we are quite special because of all the packages we have received lately! The huge one from my Grandmother really threw everyone off but I heard the distinct rattling of Kraft Mac and Cheese in it ;). It’s a good thing since I my stock was running low! Chris and I both bought each other shoes haha and he loves his! Mine should be here soon :)!

Yesterday was our Christmas party at work. In the morning we watched ‘Santa Paws’ with Korean subtitles at Kindy and then Chris and I were in charge of the games at the middle school. On our way over there I was telling Chris how hungry I was and how it was going to be a long day … well that didn’t last long. All of the classes with the main teachers had food and EVERY CLASS picked a plate of food to bring to Chris and I… wayyyyy too much food. We ended up coming home with a huge cake, a pizza and an assortment of other goodies. Chris loves Korean cakes because they are super sweet and usually pretty good … I jumped into a bag of popcorn instead. This is definitely a weird Christmas and it doesn’t really feel like Christmas? It is a nice day to have off of work mid-week and get some minor apartment like chores (laundry, vacuum, etc.) . They aren’t exactly exciting things to do but it should make the weekend a little better without an overflowing basket and some dirty socks from walking around.

Today will mostly be filled with hot chocolate (thanks Amanda and Ron!) in my new Snoopy mug and a Christmas movie or 3… yup I think 3 sounds good :).

I thought I would share this photo with everyone to brighten their spirits!

❤ J



P.S. Health Update: Allergies are pretty well in check right now but I have a reoccurring infection that has lead to some stabbing and incisions but they think they finally removed all of the cysts so I should be rid of it. Sucky part was I reacted to the bandage adhesive and I have a giant red/irritated red square still…. Korea doesn’t like my body so much.



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