Happy New Year!

Today is New Years Eve and it is pretty quiet. We were going to have some crazy adventure but then we realized that a quiet night just the two of us relaxing and maybe a good dinner out sounded great. We had work yesterday and today but then we have a five day break! We are thinking about exploring Korea a little more. We were hoping for snow and to go sledding or skiing up at one of the resorts (there are lots of mountains here) but we have some strange warm front coming through and its back up in the high 30’s during the day. Strange since it was about 10 degrees for awhile there. My new coat was probably the best investment I have made in an item of clothing in I don’t know how long.

Our Christmas holiday was probably the most quiet one I have ever had in my life. I come from a hugeeeee family and with divorce and remarriage all around I have 4 sets of grandparents and a ridiculous amount of family on both sides. Chris’s family is also quite large so the combination made a very crazy Christmas last year. We really missed our families though and I was happy to video chat everyone the next day!

We have officially hit 6 months as of 12/28 (Saturday) and it is an incredible feeling. It is kind of depressing when we realize we have been away from our families for 6 months already but then we also realize we are halfway through this adventure. We are really looking forward to what the next 6 months will bring along with a trip back to Japan, Thailand at the end of January and somewhere in it all we are going to visit China.

Our schedules are about to take an incredible change as one of our main teachers at the school is leaving. They are creating new classes, mixing some and all over revamping the schedule. We might be teaching a few less classes a week but they will all be packed to the maximum versus have classes that can be about half to 3/4 full. Today Chris and I are covering for Erika who is lucky to have her Grandmother here so it is for a good reason! Our winter intensives also just started since the kids are out of public school for winter break through the end of January. Basically it just means a morning class for us. Chris is teaching activity and cooking with foreign teacher so lots of games! I am teaching the play Snow White and the Dwarfs. I had to write it myself because the Korean version and the easy ESL versions sucked…. just meant I got to watch the movie all over again! I am excited but really nervous because the play with be the finale to the Winter Festival in February. It is this huge festival for the school where all different performances like dancing, singing, storytelling, etc. are put on in front of parents and guests alike.

Hoping not to waste this break but also get some key things done. I have been working on my Resume, Cover Letter and Portfolio website for after we return and updating my job seeking websites. It is not fun work but I hope it pays off in the end. Chris will be doing the same and working on his Masters paper! I told him I would hide the Playstation remotes if he did not do it…. yup I am mean.

Hope all is well and we wish all of you a WONDERFUL, HEALTHY, HAPPY and BLESSED 2014!!!



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