Back to work and Milestones

Hello World

After a few weeks at work of breaks and short weeks we had our first full one back. It was very crazy because one of the main teachers left to follow a different path in life so the entire schedule changed! Basically every class that walked in the door we were like who are you? It was tough for some things because a lot of classes that were combined might not have been on the same book level. They also changed a lot of our older level classes to put middle school students together and bring our pre-high school students up to high school prep. I will miss my one class of pre-high school boys (they were a goofy and fun way to end my day). I now have three classes that need a curriculum written for them and possibly new textbooks. At this point there are sooo many ESL resources online I might just “create” my own textbook and give them to the kids. I feel as though it is a more productive use of resources and I can curve it better to their individual levels.

Chris and I hit a big milestone yesterday. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary! It was another day at work but we spent a relaxing night together just hanging out. This weekend we will both be busy (me with curriculum writing and him with his Masters paper) but tonight we will probably make a good dinner. We are officially celebrating in 19 days when we head off to Thailand!! He likes to ask me how many days left every morning which is just making it drag on…. ugh. Really excited to turn off the cell-phones and just listen to the waves on the sand. It will be a great celebration of just over half-way through our experience.

We have discussed how fitting this situation is for teaching and considered staying for an additional year but mentally and physically my health concerns have basically talked us out of it. We are both finished re-vamping our online-portfolios, resumes, cover letters (thanks Missy) and all the other stuff. Started applying all over but mostly the East coast (we miss our families!!).

Well that’s all I have for ya’ll right now! Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy ❤

J 🙂


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