Too much laundry!

Hello World

A fun part about our apartment is we have a laundry machine that works pretty well. Our old apartment did not have this luxury. There is no dyer though but plenty of drying racks…. on the balcony … in the cold. Yeah. NOTHING DRIES! We have the door open so that heat makes it way out there and the tower heater but still its a pain in the boot when we have a lot of laundry. AHH! Okay I’m done venting.

This week was… long? Yeah that’s the nice way to say it. We know that we only have about 10 days until our Thailand vacation and already have it organized to go up to the airport the night before so we can wake up and not travel the 2 1/2 hours before getting on a 5 hour plane ride. Just so excited. I have had two infections in the last week (joyous) and I am heading back to Ajou to get cleared up before the trip this week … now if only I could kick this cough.

This weekend we went up to Pine Resort Friday night into Saturday afternoon to have “Winter Camp” with the Kindy munchkins. It was…. interesting. It was a traditional style hotel so we slept on quilts on the heated floors with these sand-bag pillows. Joyous. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t spent Friday morning in the hospital and then covered 3 Kindy classes that day before driving up there. I couldn’t keep my head elevated so between coughing, swelling and sweating I slept about an hour all night … Chris might have gotten 3. Let’s just say we are not fans of the Korean traditional sleeping style. I had never missed our not so great apartment bed so much! We had a lot of fun sledding on Saturday though!!! We got hot-choco (that’s how they label it here) and went sledding down this giant hill with some of the really small kids right in our laps. Just a lot of fun to be outside and get some fresh air.

This past week we have been hosting ‘Flat Stanley’. A Social Studies project for my little cousin Luke. He has been all over on adventures with us and today I am going to write up the story and start attaching some of the pictures. I am so happy to be able to help him! I love helping my little sisters and cousins with their school things. Speaking of school things we might have another blog starting for the kids soon on current issues and global opinions. I am excited to work with the students on it. It should be really interesting to get their opinions.

Overall we are just kickin’ it Korea style. We did get a call from the Grandparents that they might be going to China around Easter so we are thinking we will take a few days off (might as well use those vacation days!) and see the Great Wall (oh Bucket List goals!)and the Bird’s Nest from the Olympics (Chris wants to). Let’s hope we officially put that on the books all sorts of soon 🙂

Peace and Love ❤



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