Spring cleaning and planning? I have too much energy

Hello all!

I am attempting to motivate Chris to work on his Master’s paper and in order to not distract him I promised not to walk around in circles … I have too much energy to sit still but if I know my puttering around just keeps him from focusing. Anyways!

Spring cleaning hit me yesterday. I was up at 8:30 on my own accord and then decided to vacuum everything, clear off our “dresser” and scrub it down, empty the bottom drawer where everything disappears, clean it out and re-organize it and of course all the laundry. We have to dry everything inside the apartment because it is still too cold out on the balcony so it takes much longer to do it since I have to dry it in rotation. I then proceeded to clean all of our paperwork in our fold-and-file including my massive amount of medical stuff. I could continue to ramble but essentially I realized that the 50 degree weather on its way and only 4 months to go in suggesting that Spring is right around the corner. Chris and I still have so much we want to do before we leave!!! Jeju-do (the Hawaii like island at the southern tip of the country), China, Japan again, Cherry blossoms! Not an easy task when we are super budgeting for our return home to the unknown. We have been applying to jobs like crazy and are both hoping for some luck even if it takes us across the country but at this point its just hoping, praying and going with it.

Kindy is officially moving over into our building. They still have the JC Kids school sign above the hallway where Chris and two of our co-workers are so it was originally over in our building but it moved out when the class size grew. We only have two main classes so they are coming back. In my eyes this means I do not have to run from building to building (about a block or so down) in the 5 minutes between classes anymore! I just get to walk down the hallway which makes life a lot more simple. We are also saying good-bye to two Kindy teachers and instead getting a new on – Viktor. That means Chris will have more men around! Right now its just him and Andy. He is actually Erika’s brother and really sweet. All in all it just means another insane schedule switch and I lose my E5 into to debate class over to Chris. I also get my M1 class back and a bunch of other switches. It is tough because you get in a groove and then you get new classes or students who you haven’t had in awhile and you forget all the names!!!! I always feel so bad and I am horrible with names as is… really bad.

Back to cleaning and packing …. so I have already started coming up with a mental list of what I need to purge (the things not worth bringing all the way back just to do the same thing back there) and what we will need in our next place. Chris really wants a decent set of cooking pans and such because we had a mix and match set of things that were donated to us or we had from college. I love just “window shopping” on Overstock.com, Ikea, Target, Walmart etc. I know he really wants a better living room set and we will need a new TV stand since we threw ours out (thank you $18 Walmart book case that somehow lasted the year). It is just a whole list. The good thing is we already have dishes, silverware, cups and wine glasses and such which really gives your the basic living things – the other stuff will just have to happen as we budget for it. Our life is so up in the air upon return right now because if we don’t have teaching jobs where we will end up moving we will have to decide if we are going to NJ or back to PA and if we will live with family for a bit while we save up and what not. Not my ideal situation because I like to think ahead and plan – just makes me excited for all that’s to come but in this situation there isn’t too many options. Chris is so much better at just taking it step by step but we both know being financially strong will be our strongest asset.

Okay I just spilled it all! Miss everyone ❤

4 months to go!



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