Hello Everyone!

Hello world ❤

I must really be on a cleaning kick because this weekend I actually put on my messy shorts and sat on our bathroom floor to clean the oh-so-gross plastic shelving unit that contains out basic bathroom products. I can’t remember if I have mentioned it before so a quick recap: our bathroom is one room with a counter and toilet and sink that are one big piece essentially and then a shower head on the wall. The whole room is tiled and it goes down into a drain stream along the edges and drains off. The two parts that drive me nuts are the “hair trap” that sits inside the little drain stream to collect everything … Oh my gosh I hate cleaning that darn thing. The second would be the plastic shelving. It was either bought by the people before us or before them and I don’t think anyone has tried to clean it. Well I put the heater by the door to warm it up a bit and I sat down on the floor, pulled the whole thing apart and scrubbed it clean with bleach and water (yes I wore my bright pink gloves!). I must say it is a great reminder that a good cleaning or “new paint” job can really change an item. I took the dopey door off that did nothing since its all full of drain holes and gets soaked and now it looks pretty good. I felt accomplished. Chris has been complaining about his eyes and I told him its because he has fallen into the cell phone/computer screen/nook screen/ always staring at electronics habit that is oh-so common here.

I was reading through our next Reach to Teach blog topics and I saw one for July that talks about when it starts becoming “home” and it really made me think. Even when Chris and I lived in our small West Reading apartment I would still refer to my parent’s house as ‘home’ and now when I say ‘home’ I immediately think of either his or my parent’s homes and our families. One of the reasons I think this is true came as an epiphany while cleaning actually…who knew? Got them juices going. ANYWAYSSS When I am at work and its been a long day I am like “Chrissss stop goofing off I want to go home!” but in reality this doesn’t feel like a home. I think I will have mixed emotions when we leave but I had the same feeling when we left our old apartment …. its just a stepping stone. It is very hard to get attached to a space when its not your furniture, kitchen supplies, dresser or anything. Most often I am like Oh my gosh give us our old futon back this couch is killing me!!! Chris has a daily battle with the mattress and its just not … home. I think when you feel responsible for the furniture and the belongings in it because you own them so you have to take care of them and you can really move things and put things where you want them … then it feels like home.

Let’s see life…. By tomorrow we will officially be booked to go to Disney World next October for the Food and Wine festival with Ron and Amanda! So excited. Chris and I love Disney! We went two years ish ago together just to go and it was so much fun :). Last weekend we wanted to go to the zoo and we got all the way there to find out it was closed to ‘prevent the spread of the bird flu’ … kind of scary? We ended up at COEX Aquarium instead. It was fun to walk around and see all the fish but man was I exhausted by the end of it all! Way too many subways and connectors. Everywhere we wanted to go had to be on a different line. Right now we are trying to figure out if we can go to China or not…according to my research we need 6 months left on our ARC’s but we go home in July so we will only have 2 -3 months left on them by time we went. It just stressful. We are also trying to figure out how to do Jeju before we leave.

Job applications are our life lately. We are really trying and hoping for some luck. Who knows, we might become Floridians or Texans…. YAY FOOTBALL! Haha I couldn’t resist.


114 days/16 weeks … gotta make the best of it!


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