Is this a tease or real warm weather Korea!!!!

Hello all ❤

If any of you see my Facebook as well you will probably laugh because my excitement is being double posted! Unlike most of our family who are still in heavy coats and thinking about possible snow on Monday we are enjoying some 60-65 sunny and breezy weather today. For Chris and I this means opening up the windows for some fresh air and laundry! Why laundry? We don’t have a drier and our washer is in our balcony which isn’t heated and closed off from the main apartment by a big glass wall and sliding door. Throughout the long cold months doing laundry became an exhausting and very long process. I was able to do a load or so every other day because it would have to be dried inside on a rack over night or sometimes longer with jeans and heavier sweaters. In general I would do 2-3 a week because they had to be smaller and over time. Fun part? By time I finished there was a whole new ready load. Joyous. ANYWAYS I am done whining I promise. In reality I am just comparing because even if this weather isn’t permanent just yet it means I can get all those blankets and clothes and towels done in about a day versus a week and a half. Truly the simple things.

Our friend Dave is back from Canada! He came back for another year (I bet it’s longer) and he is about an hour metro ride away. It was a lot of fun seeing him yesterday and we wandered up to Seoul for some yummy Mexican food and fun. Totally forgetting its St. Patty’s Day tomorrow we saw plenty of Green! Lots of ex-pats out celebrating. Wish I’d known but I don’t have anything green here anyways…. I would have made Chris wear his bright green polo! It was fun speaking English all day… not used to that really. We keep thinking about when we get home and it will be strange. It is quite easy to tune out things going on around you because you can’t understand and it just glosses over.

We are have turned back to some of our lighter weather clothes and out of all of the heavier winter ones. Back in our fleece jackets versus my down coat and his wool coat. As many can probably imagine we are shocked how well things fit now or are so big on us! Chris and I have discussed this at length and realized its not just a diet change which hasn’t really been much being here but life style. We don’t own cars here so we walk to and from the bus, to the grocery store (where Chris is right now) and well everywhere! Walking up and down stairs or even my preference the elevator. Neither of us are living the desk job life and as a teacher anyone knows your always on your feet and moving around your classroom or chasing a little munchkin around.

Discussing work we realized things have really changed since we started. Not only has the Kindy come over into our building but we have had 4 teachers leave and been replaced since we arrived. We both really believe our school has an ideal staff right now. Yes our boss still doesn’t speak much English but she has been around a lot more lately. Almost all of our teachers have been abroad to the U.S. at some point in their lives and speak a pretty decent amount of English. No more pointing and guessing what they want from us or trying to discuss a problem student to no avail. Everyone has been working pretty well together and they have been pretty helpful to both Chris and I. The warmer weather and change in grades at public school have a large amount of our students off their flippin’ rockers lately but its all working itself out. I guess we are just realizing that the situation does eventually work itself out… patience is a virtue, right?

For those who wonder yes we have already started to discuss our return. Some may say it is too soon but we know it will be here before we know it and I felt wayyy to overwhelmed on the way here…. would like to make it a much more exciting and relaxing adventure home to our family and friends!! Miss everyone ❤




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