My Brain hurts…

Hello World

Today is a laundry day but we have officially not needed the heat all week which means things are drying all by themselves! Read my last post for the full excitement. ANYWAYSS we are under 3 months to go at this point and its pretty exciting yet nerve racking all at the same time. Chris and I have been applying for teaching jobs back state-side every weekend (I’m up to 46) and it makes my head hurt. Not only staring at the computer screen but also typing in the same information in because every school seems to have a different website or process. You know you’ve used one before when you can just keep hitting the down arrow and tab and go all the way through the application. So much fun…

Friday night our wifi router died so we got a new one that is twice as strong as our old one and its AWESOME!!!! Loving it. We can both actually function at the same time without crashing each others computer. Chris has found a new addiction in cell phone games but luckily if he gets too addicted he deletes the game … its a pretty funny pattern to watch to be honest <3. We were going to go to a flower festival until my still not developed sense of geography here eventually figured out its way far away and not worth the train ticket. Instead we will probably do Everland (Koreas biggest theme park) for their Tulip festival next weekend or something. Probably for the better since I had a fever and a wicked cold this week anyways. Chris decided to move and re-do the furniture in out apartment to just end up putting it back together almost the same. We have a big problem with dust here and we aren’t even sure why since we aren’t even here all day! Either way we ended up with the mattress on the floor because the dust was killing my allergies. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me! The heat is what spiked up all my issues in the Summer last year and its been getting warm (average of 65-70) with all the trees starting to bloom. Just keep them crossed for no hospital visits in the next few months except for refills.

Some fun parts about the warm weather (other than laundry) is opening up my window at school… sounds pathetic when its just one but it works really well the only downside is it can be very loud with street noise (same at the apartment). Our apartment faces the street side so we get a lot more noise but the fresh air is much more enjoyable! Overall we are just enjoying getting out of the heavy jackets and sweatshirts and into more comfortable clothing. I actually switched my clothes out and I am preparing a package for the way home as well as a bag of donations as to eliminate that ‘my bag is too big or heavy to carry’ moment in the airport.

Our debate classes are sort of competing now… just found out they have parent presentations on the same night in June so that will be fun. My group did their first mini-presentation on Friday and I am pretty happy with how they did even when we threw them some changes they adapted well. I have two classes working on speeches for the contest next month also so lots of English going around! Chris has his hands full with his energetic crew and trying to get them on task but I know he can do it.

Overall just trying to enjoy our last three months here. Yes we have really started thinking about our exit strategy and are so excited to be back with our families and friends. I think that is what I’ve missed most (other than the food and driving) is really just spending weekend nights or dinners with family and friends. You don’t realize how special they are when your all crazy running around until its been this long without. Miss you all ❤ ❤

J 🙂


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