Energy – Finally!

Hello all! I am probably as hyper as I could be lately… woke up on my own by 8 and started cleaning kind of hyper. I had the dishes done and Chris’s coffee made and ready before he had even shifted in his sleep! Oops. Just being a good girlfriend 🙂 His new thing is making pancakes and he makes flippin’ awesome pancakes! Adds a little cinnamon to it. So this week was super hot in the beginning and I woke up to feels like 37F today … yeah enough to turn the heat on for a bit since my toes were so cold. Its warmed up though. Good thing since all my energy has gotten the laundry done too! 

This afternoon and tomorrow will probably be another day of job applications. Dave found an authentic breakfast place up in Gangnam I think we are going to go check out tomorrow…. sounds delicious. My allergies have been driving me up a wall all week so I am looking forward to the cheer up of some good food. Look like a clown again with a ring around my lips – I should probably start wearing lipstick lol embrace the chaos!

Lately I have found the fascination of growing my e-mail contacts. Not like hunting down friends to make just so I have people in there but getting the e-mail of people we know. I realize my saved contacts is almost nonexistent and emailing things anymore is so convenient. There are so many programs that make the adorable cards and things to e-mail but I have no one to e-mail them to! Just a fun thought :).

Not much else going on to tell everyone. Just a normal day in Korea. Oh my debate class has been having a lot of fun and getting things done while still being silly and just using our brains. The normal teaching technique in Korea (so far that I have seen) is pounding vocabulary as a matter of memorize and translate but my course makes everyone think and analyze information to create an opinion. SOO out of their comfort zone so I am really impressed when they can do it 🙂 Erika is now co-teaching with me on Fridays which is awesome because she can help translate some of the more difficult concepts we are working on. Our topics are Slow food/fast food and now dieting… can be quite touchy so making sure everyone feels comfortable is important. Excited to move onto censorship and other things because these guys have some strong opinions! Oh and I covered all my walls with bright and colorful flowers I had the kids color and moved my desk … change can make everything a little brighter :)!

xo J

P.S. My students find it fascinating when I speak small bits of Spanish. I said ‘Hola’ when they came in the other day and they found it so fascinating!


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