April is rainy?

Hello all!

In my research about the Korean seasons I got the idea that their wet season, which is July and August, would be the most of the rain, Winter would be brutal and the Spring was amazing… it sort of held to it.In  July and August it literally rains like everyday and its a disgusting hot humidity level that makes you feel like a dog is breathing on you every second of every day…gross and I love dogs. Winter was cold but not brutal… home had a much more winter than we did that’s for sure. So far the Spring has been pretty rainy actually at least a few times a week and its always fun when its on days they call for 70 and sunny and then its like 65 and rainy and grey out. The plus side is the world is turning green and pink and white and yellow and its beautiful!! They have these huge honeysuckle bushes by the bus stop and they smell amazing (remind me of my great-grandmothers property). They also painted an enormous mural down the road opposite our apartment on the concrete wall in all these bright happy colors and scenes. Its really pretty and makes it so much happier. They really try and spruce things up around here like how they are putting in all new sidewalks and new road dividers or bushes and plants all along the edges of the road. It make the concrete everywhere much more scenic.

Last weekend I posted about how we hadn’t really done anything so on Sunday morning I decided to change that. We went up to Butterfingers in Gangnam. It is the breakfast place that makes flippin’ AWESOME pancakes! I dug into a pile of eggs and hash browns and Chris and Dave jumped on the bacon and pancakes. It was pretty delicious but way to expensive for its own good. Wouldn’t pay that kind of money for breakfast again. It was a good change up. Chris and I had the afternoon free so we went over to Olympic Park where the 1988 Olympics were held. It was HUGEEEE!!!!! Seriously we didn’t even see all of it and we were up there for awhile. Really glad I wore sneakers because it was a lot of walking. Chris wanted to make sure I saw some Cherry Blossoms since it was on my bucket list and according to all the websites it was the last weekend to really see them due to an early bloom.


They were beautiful of course :). We have basically set the goal to do D.C. on a weekend and see them again. So we walked all over the park for a long time and enjoyed some fresh air. The place was packed! We caught a 6 o’clock bus home and made it back to the apartment in time for dinner and an early night in. It was a lot of fun to get out for awhile but we realized when we take these weekend days or little adventures they really do eat a lot of time. Usually you come home tired and its one of those ughhh we have work tomorrow.

Work has been a rough going this past week :(. We lost one of our teachers which was really sad because she is pretty cool. We are going to adventure to the new Costco going in at the end of the month though. Costco makes bank in this country because they carry all the international things and of course its cheaper and in bulk. Its totally awesome. We also had a big dinner for her going which basically means sitting on the floor with all the other teachers. At this point though we have a staff who is pretty fluent so it makes them much less awkward. As usual its traditional Korean style with a thousand dishes and more food that you can imagine! Everyone would be proud I am starting to try a lot more things… trust me this is a miracle.


Anyways so yeah the kids have been off their rockers and all the kids we had separated throughout these past 9 months due to behavior issues have been shoved back together into full 10 student classes. Chris has had it rough because he has a couple rough classes in a row so it makes the day long. Overall when teaching (TEFL, ESL or well anything) you have those rough weeks when you just count the minutes until the weekend.

This weekend is sadly one of chores and errands. The usual laundry and such and have to make a Lotte Mart trip. I have never appreciated grocery shopping in the States more than this year. Holding onto your groceries while holding onto the bus seat or handle for dear life is quite an experience. I also have to get back on the job application bus. Last weekend I was just so sick of it all I needed a weekend off but I have had so many e-mails about job openings in the last week that I really have no reason not to. For awhile there is was getting pretty repetitive but I think we are starting to hit peak season and lots of jobs are being posted daily.

Well wish us luck on getting everything accomplished without burning out. Chris is having fun grinding his new Starbucks coffee because according to him Koreans drink weak coffee and he likes his black. It makes the apartment smell good :).

❤ J


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