Time is flying by!

Hello all

So as much as Chris and I say ‘OH MY GOSH WHY IS IT NOT FRIDAY YET!?!?! AHHHH’ the time is truly flying by. I didn’t even realize how long is had been since I updated last. As of our contract finish date we have 65 days left of this adventure. The weather has been warm (75-80 everyday) and its just changing quickly. Everything is in full bloom which is two fold. The trees and bushes are bright purple and yellow and pink and green so it looks wonderful but it also means I can’t breathe half the time… comes with the territory. We have actually been talking about how to pack and what to send back ahead of us too. The weirdest feeling is discussing interview questions and skills they should look for in the teachers who are replacing us. I guess it is just strange to be helping pick the person to replace you. It is also making it very very real that we are almost through this adventure. Everyone says that the last month flys past and now that it is almost May and we leave probably end of June beginning of July it really is like WOW! I think we are enjoying this though. Going to take advantage of the warm weather and go explore some more of Seoul and other areas. We have a 4 day weekend next week and then a few days off in the beginning of June.

Of course all those reading or watching the news have heard about the absolutely devastating tragedy of the Sewol Ferry that was full of students and capsized in the water on its way to Jeju. Chris and I had actually been looking into taking a very similar ferry in just a week or two but decided to stay local instead. The school, Asan, is actually fairly close to here so there has been some impact. Of course every school trip and anything that takes the kids out of close to home hands has been cancelled. Its just horrible – probably shouldn’t get me on a roll though because I get so angry about some of the adult responses to this event… okay I’m done.

Chris and I are hosting the blog carnival (the monthly article we do) so next weekend-ish I will be posting blogs from a bunch of people doing the same thing we are but all over the world. It should be really interesting so keep your eyes open! I also will be posting pictures of our adventures and probably some over the next two months of our preparations and such. So not excited to say good-bye to my munchkins 😦




One thought on “Time is flying by!

  1. Tracy says:

    Hello Jen!! This is Tracy, Dasiah’s grandmother from Girl Scouts. I’ve been thinking about you and I ran across a letter you gave to the girls before you left, which is where I found this link. Now that I found this I have to share it with Dasiah and catch up on your blog. I can’t believe your time is almost done already. I know this was a great experience. Well, time to catch up!! LOL

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