being away from everyone is hard

This past week has been a true reminder of how far we really are away…this will not be a very long post. My health has been fighting me everyday. When we hit the 60 day mark it decided a good head cold and constant low fever (on day 3 now) would be a good present. Then we have had some very hard news to take. When you are away you always worry… those ‘what if’s’ and ‘how fast can I get back?’. Well this weekend I woke up to two very sad and tragic messages. Sunday morning I woke up to find out that we had to put our dog, Snowball, down after a good and long life. Monday morning I woke up to an even more tragic message… “Your uncle has coded twice…they are sending him to NYC now” …. and another “he passed away late this afternoon”. The 13 hour time difference meant these both happened over night while we were sleeping and we woke up to find the news. These are the times when you realize being away is a lot. I was blessed to welcome my first niece over this past year and I cannot wait to meet her and spoil her rotten but we have also felt loss and the inability to be there for our families and help support them. May they always Rest In Peace ❤


After our adventures in Seoul this holiday weekend and our blog carnival I will post the beginning of next week there will be more things to share. I hope for sanity’s sake that they are all positive messages to share.


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