Happy half way through May!

Hello everyone!

So it is already half way through May which is crazy because as of now we are supposed to be out of here end of June/beginning of July! I (Jenni) have a mix of emotions. I can’t believe we have been here this long and I am going to cry have to say good-bye to all of our kids (not even kidding – I’ll be a mess) BUT I am sick…again. Yup woke up this morning and instead of my voice I made a squeak and that was about it. Probably never got over the Bronchitis or whatever I had and its coming back for a second round…. yay? Chris and I have been doing the Insanity work-out program and he is awesome at it. He is almost a month in and I am only through my first week but of course I hurt my shoulder (more like irritated a per-existing condition) and now living off Aleve, my STIM machine and a heat pad. Overall my body is just trying to give me a little more hell before we leave.

So big news is they officially found our replacements. Two girls who will be living here as roommates. I wish them luck since it is a small apartment but I promised myself I would leave it a lot cleaner than what we were blessed to walk into. Been working on the second room (we made it into a walk in closet) and this afternoon going to hit the kitchen. It’s not a very big apartment but I have to say it is a painnnnn to keep clean! I vacuum almost everyday and dust or wipe things down all the time but its just impossible to keep clean! Erika said she has the same problem in her apartment and that the dust is just killer. The weather is really windy lately all the time so its kicking everything up in the air (my allergies are oh so lovely). They have started trimming around and cleaning up all the gardens and trees around the apartment though and it looks really nice. A lot of the first flowers are gone but everything is green and healthy looking!

Alright my head is throbbing and my body is yelling at me to nap but I am way to stubborn to listen so I am going to clean the kitchen before taking a nap. Wish me luck! Miss everyone ❤



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