A month to go…

Hi world ❤

With only just over 30 days to go things are happening really fast. I’ve even started creating a photo book (thank you Groupon) just to document this year. I will probably need a few more than 20 pages lol. Its just so much to talk about!

Chris was given his first and hopefully only medical problem. A possible cyst under his skin in the back of his thigh. Its been pretty painful. I had a nice swollen up face last week too so its been a rough week. One really great heath news/update for you all is that I had my LAST ALLERGY APPOINTMENT OF KOREA! That means the doctor thinks I am handling it well and will be able to make it through this last month or so. It’s a great feeling since the early morning trips out to Ajou are truly mentally and physically exhausting. Still have one more to go for a follow up and Chris’s second opinion but if that’s it you won’t hear me complain!

Chris has been doing so well on working out and really trying to get healthy. He is a wonderful influence to get me motivated too. He is really excited about living close to the ocean this summer and getting to run at the beach and boardwalk and what not. I am excited to get all my shakes and vitamins back!! One thing about Korea is that it is SOOOO expensive to get vitamins. Even my doctor said so when I asked her because she told me to bump up.

I will probably be posting a lot more in next few weeks of all the leavings and things. I am definitely going to be sad to say good bye to all of the kids! It will be tough but we are so excited to get home. We really miss everyone ❤





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