Hey all!

First I want to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our friends AMANDA AND RON!! They just got engaged after 5 wonderful years of dating and we are so happy for them. They have both been a huge support to us this year by sending packages and cards and just love and support. We are blessed to have friends like them and we can’t wait to help them celebrate this wonderful part of life.

Since we are getting under 30 days now (hopefully) I have started thinking about what we will leave behind for the new teachers. I don’t mean like apartment things but like information or tips and tricks. We decided to write a letter with just some basics on how to use things in the apartment like the washing machine, a/c and heat. Hopefully this helps. The people we replaced were USELESS. It was basically a letter complaining about the kids … load of good that helps when we don’t even know how to turn on the hot water or our computer passwords. Basically I took it personally and I want to leave a thorough letter behind so they can at least, you know, take a hot shower! It’s hard trying to keep it limited because we want them to learn as they go too but also give them enough to get started. We were so jet-lagged when we got here that it didn’t matter what anyone told us because we could barely stand or see straight let alone remember complicated things.

I have so many mixed feelings between ‘I want to start packing’ and go home and ‘wow we have less than a month to go’. Basically every time I call home it’s “when are you coming home?” and almost every weekend of summer is already jam packed with plans BUT its so fun to think about! We have all these plans but they are all with family and friends and it will just be so awesome to spend that time with everyone. Depending if we move this summer for work it could also be a little crazy but hey that’s life!

I hope this finds everyone well and in good health. I am officially done with doctor visits for Korea!! It is an amazing feeling and we are working on getting ourselves healthy. Dropped that weight we gained from my heavy cheese filled cooking and our way to big portions and ready to start our healthy and BEACH READY lives! I think our priority other than giant hugs from our families is a nice cool beverage, sand between our toes and the sounds and smell of the ocean. Bring it on Jersey!




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