Hongdae …. oh boy

Hello everyone!

It is less than two weeks out until we book our flights and just over 20 days to go so of course we had to pull our “Korean all nighter” and do as the Korean and Foreigner young people do. Yup. In order to accomplish this (without breaking the bank, thank you very much) we headed to Hongdae. It is basically a must go party place for anyone living within to Seoul area. Hongdae area in the area surrounding Hongik University and close to the other ones. There are so many night clubs (Like one on top of the other literally) and such but there is also lots of good restaurants, street musician performers and people everywhere! I had fun walking around listening to all the different performers and we ate at a Korean BBQ place before heading out. This BBQ place kind of sucked because you had to cut the meet at the table and then cook it when usually its cut for you. It makes it really hard (they use kitchen sheers) and I was basically a fail at it. After dinner we headed out for some dancing and it was really easy – being a foreigner once we showed our ARC (Korean I.D. cards) we got in for free! They stamp your arm which is kind of weird and even with showers and lots of moving they haven’t come off yet…they better before tomorrow morning and back to work! Anyways we went dancing at a place called BB for most of the night and places don’t close around 2 a.m. like they do in the states so most of the night is like 6 a.m.. but around 5 we headed to a singing room and had a lot of fun with some other foreigners we met who go to one of the universities in a study abroad program. Around 6:30 a.m. we popped our heads out of the place to find that it was SUNNY!?! It was really strange but hey we did it!! Dave lives just on the outskirts of Seoul so we took a taxi ride back (Chris and Jake fell asleep) and then got some sleep! Overall it was a really fun night and we had a good time with friends.

Leaving the people we’ve met behind and spent the last year with is going to be the hardest part. I already know I am going to miss them and I am going to cry when I have to say goodbye to my munchkins in Kindy since we spend so much time with them! Basically it’s going to be lots of tears.

This week is a pretty big week in school for us. Both of our debate classes have their big presentations that we have been preparing for almost a month now. I just finished adding a few touches to my groups power points in order to give them a little help in remembering the expert opinions and statistics they need to use to support their arguments. Chris’s class has been putting together some rebuttals in order to expand further into a full debate style. Either way I am NERVOUS! I just want them to look good and do their best like I know they can for their parents and our boss. Wish us luck? We might need it.

I will post some photos on Friday of the kids and what they have accomplished. It’s really cool to work with older and younger kids sometimes but I swear the younger Kindy kids are such little sponges and have accomplished more than the older ones sometimes!

❤ J

P.S. No your not getting any going out pictures … sorry! Maybe if your cool enough to see our photo book I’m working on when we get home 🙂


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